Electric Wire Hustle drop some thoughts

Monday, September 7th, 2009 | News
Electric Wire Hustle drop some thoughts


Miss P and bs caught up with Electric Wire Hustle’s Taay and Myele recently in the lead up to the release of their self titled debut album.

Released on EWH’s independent label ‘Every Waking Hour’ 9.9.09 in NZ, we wanted to know what the plan is now…

What’s in a name like Electric Wire Hustle?
T – A glimpse into what’s to come, a glimpse of what we want to achieve through our music.

So what is typical of EWH? and how do you feel that you contribute to the NZ music scene?
T – Our own take on soul music and how it can be expressed through the myriad of different influences we have collectively. Hopefully for NZ our own voice offers something different.

Your sound goes from very sultry and seductive D’Angelo styles to electro funk Kanye style. Is this intentional to create a new flavour for NZ or does it just flow naturally?
T – We’re just following what comes naturally to us now. There will always be influences that form the basis of what we create but hopefully it will continue to progress as we do.

Electric Wire Hustle – SHOWREEL

Are there any artists in Australian or Aotearoa music scene would you guys want to collaborate with? or maybe you are already?
T – In time more collaborations will happen. We’ve got a lot to explore between the 3 of us  – although we have started to scratch the surface having the opportunity to work with one of our local heroes Warren Maxwell – stay tuned.

Your Myspace currently has 2 tracks on it…less is more? or busy little boys?
M – We’re finishing our album – more tunes are coming! there are 3 now. Don’t you love the anticipation!?

What’s on the horizon for EWH? When can we expect you down under in Australia again?
T- soon. We’ve been honing our craft in the studio post summer and now that’s set for release it’s back to honing the live show for the real.

Electric Wire Hustle outdoorsYour music kind of has the feel of one of hip hops best albums “Do You Want More” from The Roots released back in ‘93. Would you say that you guys are more representative of the old school styles?
T – Thank you. I think we can only hope to make music that is timeless.

M – Dizzy Gillespie said you always gotta have one foot in the past, one in the present and the other in the future.

O.G. told us to look out for you guys in an interview he did a while back… so how bout we pay it forward… who are you telling us to keep an eye out for in Australasia next?

T-Julien Dyne. His music is reaching, next level ish that you should be plugged into!!!

nice one guys… can’t wait to hear the 4th track on myspace… and 5th, and the 6th…

Aotearoa Represent!

You can check out more of Electric Wire Hustle at:


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Lab Report:
October 13, 2009

I’m enjoying EWH… Cheers for the heads-up VGA!

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