Olmecha Supreme

Olmecha Supreme

Olmecha Supreme VS Pataphysics touring Australia Dec 3rd – Dec 30th

:::act::: Olmecha Supreme is afro futuristic roots music. painting sky pictures through light speed sonic fiction. Headed by world smyth captain IMON STARR (winner of the mpc battle for supremacy 2003 and son of legendary blues musician Taj Mahal), the live act features the brilliant DEVA MAHAL (when she’s not in new york making a name for herself, living it up as a brooklyn socialite), the KING HOMEBOY (aotearoa beatbox 2006-2007 champion), and MYELE MANZANZA (son of master african percussionist Sam Manzanza). The group also alternate between RIO HEMOPO (Trinity Roots) and CRETE HAAMI (Police Lucifer, Hollie Smith), and now MATT DALDIN (HRC) on bass, JONATHAN CRAYFORD ..s, and often feature cuban national JINETERO EMCEE on vocals. It has been described as an intense surreal sound scape complete with giant robots powered on pure spiritual energy in combat for the future of our planet and life as we know it throughout the galaxy (random transmat 2016).

Olmecha Supreme - Revenge of Spankor

:::albums::: The album “LIFE MUSCLE” is out now in New Zealand on ‘Beatworld Records’ at all ‘Real Groovy’ stores! it features the songs “Lady Snowblood” “Black Sand” “Black and Gold” “Megaman” “Bebestyle Live” and finally “Dropship” amongst others. Special guest appearance by JONOTHAN CRAYFORD also soon to be available on trade me!

The album “HEDFONERESONANCE” came out early 2006 on ‘Beatworld Records’, featuring the songs, “Appocalypso no.1″ “Flying Hawaiian 5″ “Schematica” “Appocalypso no 3″ “Word of God” “homecoming” “In Kid” “Bebestyle” “space” and many more. Produced by afromaen productions and featuring imon star, cuts by manny styles, with special guest appearances from Taj Mahal.

Olmecha Supreme – Appocalypso #1

:::adendum::: Politically motivated to encourage positive change in the life conditions of global indigenous peoples, the olmechs are set to take the world stage in the gregorian year of 2008!

Olmecha Supreme – Bebe Style

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