Braille – Cloud Nineteen

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 | News
Braille - Cloud Nineteen

Whenever I am in Sydney I try to take a moment to pop into D2MG Hip Hop academy. I do it cause it’s cool to see local outfits who are really passionate about hip hop, and who are putting in time to give back to the community that has given so much to them while they were coming up. Last time I was there I heard about a book written by Jeff Chang called ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – A History of the Hip-Hop Generation’. About 80 pages into this now, I have no problem recommending it to anybody who is interested in the roots and history of hip hop culture, and find myself bringing it out whenever I board that train, take that break, or hit that bed. So when I received a link to the ‘Cloud Nineteen Initiative’ that Braille Brizzy and S1 are working on in USA at the moment, it was truly awesome to see the new generation talking and walking the path that has been established right from the outset of the culture and ideology of real hip hop.

Musicians inevitably flirt with the relationship between doing what they feel is right and meaningful with their music, and doing what is financially beneficial and sustainable career wise if they want to promote their music in a way that will reach greater audiences. In a perfect world musicians can get out there doing what they dream of and all the rest will fall into place, with so many artists around nowadays however, and the masses not always following the conscious but rather fashionable and current trends, I admire the way these guys have put themselves out there regardless of the consequences to give back just simply cause… it feels right.

So if your feeling the vibe, and if you too beleive it’s important to give to the next generation then show some love to the ‘Cloud Nineteen Initiative’.

I know I will be

You can check out more on Cloud Nineteen at:



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January 31, 2009

thanks for posting this. I appreciate the love. I got the advance promo for you guys, check it out when you get a chance.


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