DJ Shadow Speaks Up

Friday, March 20th, 2009 | News
DJ Shadow Speaks Up

DJ Shadow speaks up!
Legendary DJ and producer, DJ Shadow, has emerged from hiding to release a personal message to his fans in the hip hop community. Leader of the instrumental hip hop revolution, Shadow has been largely absent since touring with Cut Chemist on The Hard Sell tour last year. The release of his debut album “Endtroducing…..” back in ‘96 saw the beginnings of a movement in instrumental hip hop. Ahead of its time maybe, “Entroducing….” still sounds just as good 13 years later (isn’t that amazing, 13 years!). When it was released it entered The Guiness Book of World Records as the “First Completely Sampled Album”. Relying primarily on a combination of sampled funk, hip hop and film score, Shadow’s innovative sample arrangements influenced countless producers and musicians. In recent years, artists such as RJD2, Madlib, and Blockhead have garnered critical acclaim with a number quality of instrumental hip hop albums.
Anyway, enough from me, here’s what Shadow has to say (released on his site

Hello, everyone, and Happy 2009. It has been quite a long time since anyone has heard from me, so I thought I would bring you all up to date.

To cut to the chase, this is going to be an interesting year in DJ Shadow-land. As some of my longer-term followers have probably observed, long bouts of silence usually signal changes on the horizon. That’s because I am ‘head down,’ focusing on the tasks at hand and laying a strong foundation to build on over time. There are some things brewing that I’m not at liberty to reveal yet, but that are exciting and very different for me. More about that soon; keep watching this space. But in the meantime…

….Yes, I am working on new music. It is way too early in the day to discuss what it will sound like or when it will come out, but I feel I owe everyone at least that much information; work has begun. Probably the only thing I can promise is that as always, it will sound different from the last one…oh, and that everyone will undoubtedly hate it until two years after the fact. (Let the backlash to the backlash of the backlash BEGIN!!! haha, err…ha)

DJ Shadow – Organ Donor

My touring cycle is generally over, so it will be awhile before most of you will see me live. This is all part of the normal process of exchanging studio life for road life, and vice versa. Both are important, but 2 and 1/2 years touring was enough to buy me some quality time in the lab. That’s not to say that there won’t be ANY shows this year, just that they will be few and generally unique to my “live” stage show. In other words, if it sounds different and fun, I might not be able to resist.

Ok, also, this site is about to undergo MAJOR reconstruction. We’re still a couple of months away from relaunch, but when it happens…get ready for some shit. Forget everything you’ve ever thought about what a DJ Shadow site could or should consist of…if we pull it off, I promise you, you’re going to be pleased. I’ll leave it at that for now, in case something happens and it all falls to pieces. Just know that I’m genuinely excited about the future.

I think that’s a good thought to end on…as always, thank you for your support, your honesty, your patronage, your ears; and your time, for reading this.

DJ Shadow

Hmmmm sounds intriguing!

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