Electric Wire Hustle

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 | News
Electric Wire Hustle

OG told us this would be one to watch out for, so when you first hear the name Electric Wire Hustle maybe you would think of Common’s ‘Electric Wire Hustler Flower’, unless your like me and just typed it into Youtube, however to no surprise this is just one of Electric Wire Hustle’s many influences, which include J Dilla, Deangelo, Slum Village, Badu & Miss Hill to name a few. Comprising of (above from left to right):  TaayNinh, Myele Manzanza & Mara TK, collectively EWH are mapping their way through Australasia as innovators of sound.

While Electric Wire Hustle is fresh on the scene, this Wellington based production trio is no stranger to the music game. David ‘TaayNinh’ Wright – multi-instrumentalist and producer Taay is also co-founder of Hip-Hop Soul Funk collective Solaa and production duo Peace Militia. Mara T.K who is responsible for those unmistakable soulful vocals, is also a guitarist / turntablist / and producer as well as being one of the most promising vocal talents in New Zealand.
Myele Manzanza on the drums (with african rhythm in his blood) Myele is a highly sought after session and performance artist, as well as drummer of afro-futuristic-roots crew Olmecha Supreme and the Recloose Live Band.

And if you didn’t think that was enough to be be fucking psyched about, throw in highly regarded Sound engineer and producer Benny Tones to add that “no shit” factor.  Having set up his own facility as Organik Muzik Workz, Benny has already recorded and engineered for such acts as Solaa, Pacific Heights, Julien Dyne, Iva Lamkum and P-Bass Expressway.

A little slow on the pulse, as I see they’ve already played here in Melbourne earlier this year, but the good news is they stopped in at Triple R (102.7FM) and left a whole lot of love.

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