Emerge Festival

Saturday, July 11th, 2009 | News
Emerge Festival

With a whole lot of Apathy, the winter chill has indeed set in …

“The reason we’re trembling, embracing our heaters, the season where Timberlands replace our sneakers. The trees look so wicked with no leaves in it. The breeze is so frigid that it freezes liquid and I start up the whip can’t just jump in it, gotta let the shit run for like fifteen minutes…” Fortunately for us kids in Melbourne City the cold blitz sets the backdrop for a whole lot of festivities including the Emerge Festival which began in celebration of Refugee Week.


Diafrix – Hold On

Not only the obvious highlight of the closing Visible Concert on the 26th of July but also the monthly Sessions Live at the Black Box (Hamer Hall), which are due to run right through to November.  Featuring talent from all over the world, these jam sessions are jam packed with a fresh mix of local MCs, vocalists, bands and beat makers as they fuse styles and create new sounds. Secondly, this Sunday the 12th July is not to be missed with the Fresh Project 2009. As a part of the Mix it Up Jam Session, the Arts Centre Black Box presents an afternoon of jammin’, free stylin’ and fresh sounds from MC Elf Tranzporter, and his multi-talented LO2’s Fleet featuring DJ TakaCo, Bboy Lamaroc,Twoone, the beautiful Vida-Sunshyne, & Altona’s Little G. Last but not least, the people of Maribyrnong celebrate 150 years with the annual ‘Footscray Festival’ on July the 18th . With international cuisine, arts, crafts and entertainment, Nicholson Street will surely heat up, especially after the smooth grooves of Melbourne artists, Diafrix. It’s not all doom ‘n’ gloom this winter Melbournites, and its nice to see that hip hop is bringing light to those cold fronts. It’s all free so no excuses here. Enjoy.

To find out more about the festivities, head to:

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