Enter the Wu: Ghostface Killah hits Australia!!

Friday, May 8th, 2009 | News
Enter the Wu: Ghostface Killah hits Australia!!

“The law: in order to enter the Wu-Tang,
You must bring the Ol’ Dirty Bastard-type slang,
Represent the GZA, Abbott, RZA, Shaquan, Inspectah Deck,
Dirty Hoe
getting low with his flow
Introducing, the Ghost…Face.. Killaaaaaaaahhh!!
No one could get iller!!”
(Ol’ Dirty Bastard, taken from ‘Da Mystery of Chessboxing’)

I spent about ten minutes trying to write an intro for this piece, when it struck me that Ol’ Dirty Bastard will forever have a better way with words than I will. Enough banter, Ghostface is coming to Australia! Original member of the legendary Wu Tang Clan, Ghostface (aka Ironman aka Tony Starks) will make his first ever trek out to this plentiful land to rock 5 shows across the country in June.

Ghostface first made his mark on the Wu Tang’s hip hop classic, “Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)”, spitting venomous rhymes with smooth flows over The RZA’s gritty Shaolin inspired soundtrack. Groundbreaking it was, the hip hop world didn’t know what had hit it, and RZA’s Don-like management of the crew saw them go from little known to world dominators in no time; remember the Wu Tang clothing craze in the late 90’s, or Wu Financial on Dave Chappelle, ha!! Like most of the Wu family, Ghost has gone on to release numerous solo projects, the difference being his have probably been the most successful. He debuted with “Ironman” way back in 1996, having appeared on nearly every track of the acclaimed Raekwon release, “Only Built for Cuban Linx”, the year before. More recently he has signed with Def Jam and 2006’s “Fishscale” was well received and commonly noted as one of the best albums of the year.

A colourful character indeed, Ghostface regularly performed in a ski mask in the early days, this rumoured to be because he was wanted by police and didn’t want to reveal himself in public until he was cleared. Rumours also followed him in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, with speculation that he and 50 Cent had beef. Though rumours they have stayed, one such tale describes ‘Fitty’ getting thrown down a set of stairs by Ghost! Big tick in my books there, regardless of its accuracy.
Australian fans now get their chance to witness this powerhouse of modern day hip-hop live across the country backed up onstage by his fellow Theodore Unit artists Wigs, Trife, Du Lilz and DJ J-Love. Sure to be one of the gigs of the year, get in now and pick up a ticket before it sells out – fingers crossed that he brings some of the rest of the Wu Tang with him!

Ghostface Killah dates across Australia:
Adelaide, Tuesday June 23rd – HQ
Sydney, Wednesday June 24th – The Forum
Melbourne, Thursday June 25th – The Espy
Perth, Friday June 26th – Metro City
Brisbane, Sunday June 28th – Step Inn
Byron Bay, Wednesday July 1st – Beach Hotel

Check out Ghostface at:


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3 Comments to Enter the Wu: Ghostface Killah hits Australia!!

Very Good
May 10, 2009

Yo Crack, in relation to your comment: Ghostface is ‘probably the most successful”… RZA doesn’t see it that way in his okayplayer interview I posted in the article “The RZA Afro Samurai Resurrection” sounds like a battle i wouldn’t want to be involved in …bs

May 12, 2009

I guess there can be a difference between commercial success and critical success… Don’t be forgetting GZA, with Legend of the Liquid Swords and the stuff he’s done with Muggs, some could say he’s done pretty well… Samurai showdown anyone?

p.s fitty (aka Curtis Jackson) needs to be thrown down more stairs!


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