Floetry … Damn

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 | News
Floetry ... Damn

Having only recently heard of this amazing duet, we know little about them. What we know is that people need to hear this. So check out some of their appearances below…

Floetry – Everybody Heard

Meeting originally through their mutual love for basketball, Marsha and Natalie both studied at the Brit School for Performing Arts & Technology. Natalie came to attention in the music industry as a founding member of the performance poetry group “3 Plus 1″ which was making plenty of noise around London, Birmingham, and Manchester. After inviting Marsha to join her on stage to perform at a spoken word night, together they cemented their signature style in a piece they had created called “Fantasize” (below). Seamlessly combining their talents for singing and spoken word, they deliver a powerful performance unlike anything in the world of poetry or hip hop today…

Fantasize – Floetry


If your still reading this, then I can assume you like what you see here. Def Poetry Jam has been a source of inspiration for many people as well as artists we know. Well worth a look at, perhaps best introducing yourself through the appearances posted on www.youtube.com

Another breathtaking poet featured throughout Def Jam Poetry worth checking out is Black Ice seen below:



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[...] Exactly what style of music you would call this I am unsure of, and I think that’s often a defining character of music that I enjoy. If you can’t tell what genre something is and your still feeling the groove then there’s no question it’s hot, and they are.  Opening the set with an accapella poem that had the audience in silence, frontman Jeremedy answered the question I have been asking to Australia and New Zealand for sometime… where the poets at? well they’re in Melbourne it seems… or otherwise they’re on youtube. [...]

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