Hip Hop – Australia VS New Zealand Round 1

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 | News
Hip Hop - Australia VS New Zealand Round 1

A lot of people, both artists and fans, hit our website in search of an ‘underground’ or conscious group of artists that represent the Australasian¬† hip hop scene. I’m not talking about the hip pop, candy rap, gangster lifestyle that has become commercially accepted as what hip hop is, I’m talking about artists that have grown up listening to a diverse range of styles, artists and genres, and have been so taken by the underlying beat that is present in real hip hop that they have built it into whatever music they are creating … and then collaborated with the modern day poets and singers. So following this logic it usually leads to the question from foreigners – where is the freshest music coming from? hmmmmm well…

In the Red Corner: weighing in with some of the dirtiest MPC’s, meanest harmonies, and authentic reggae and soul influences is Aotearoa a.k.a. New Zealand

In the Blue Corner: weighing in with some of the most innovative crossovers, upbeat summer jams, and wide variety in the world right now is Ozzy a.k.a Australia.

For the purposes of this title fight there needs to be many rounds, with so many groups and individuals bringing their styles to the table.

Round 1:

Olmecha Supreme

Hometown: Arrowtown New Zealand

Group Members: 4

Special Attacks: MPC, Imagination, Dirty Bass


True Live

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Group Members: 6

Strengths: Full Classical ensemble, theatrical performance, an Aussie accent that’s ok in hip hop

In reality there will be no champion between the countries, and the true question should be – why don’t these two countries have more collaborations between these awesome artists to solidify the community of like minded artists with something more to offer?

But for the purposes of this little comp… what’s it going to be people

We’re installing the voting poll section soon – so in the mean time just click on the picture of the kiwi and aussie at the top, and leave your vote on the comment section.

Two innovators in their games, tight vocals, wicked tunes, but only one can win.

You can check out more of these artists at:



see you in round 2


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4 Comments to Hip Hop – Australia VS New Zealand Round 1

Emilia Gawryluk
April 17, 2009

hey people!!I wannna vote..my favorite is Olmecha Supreme of course,he is so cool:)

April 18, 2009

Yo yo, True live have got it going on and are tight as a nuns’… but it still has to be Olmecha for this battle.

NZ wins this round y’all! 2 – 0 so far in the wicked empire!

April 19, 2009

Olmecha win no doubt.

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