Hip Hop – Australia VS New Zealand Round 2

Monday, June 29th, 2009 | News
Hip Hop - Australia VS New Zealand Round 2

With New Zealand taking out the first round of this competition it’s time to see how this silly little game plays out for round two. Two more groups lifting the standard of the scene for their respective communities, and Australasia, and creating a new breed of funky hip hop crossovers…


In the Red Corner with their crazy Brazilian style percussion, Adidas track-suit wearing horns section, fine vocalists, and a 13ish piece line-up… it’s amazing they even manage to get everyone along to tour, but they do, and it’s a fun, high energy night every time with the style and experience of this group from New Zealand

Batucada Sound Machine – Rivers of Rhyme

In the Blue corner, weighing in with bounce loads of uplifting energy, a beautifully matched collaboration of styles and voices, and one of the cooler video clips I’ve seen lately… it’s Australia

Astonomy Class feat. Vida Sunshyne and Kween G – Where you at?

If you remember in the last round I said:

“In reality there will be no champion between the countries, and the true question should be – why don’t these two countries have more collaborations between these awesome artists, to solidify the community of like minded artists with something more to offer?”

Quite a few people actually told me last time that they couldn’t vote because Olmecha Supreme and True Live were both so good that they couldn’t decide. Well good, but sometimes you have to choose… come on people life gets way harder than this, so who’s it going to be?

Australia or New Zealand?

To vote – click into this article and leave your vote in the comments section.

You can check out more of these artists at:

Batucada Sound Machine

Astronomy Class

Vida Sunshyne

Kween G


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6 Comments to Hip Hop – Australia VS New Zealand Round 2

June 29, 2009

Astronomy class wins for their party beats, but BSM is some nice underground production style

July 2, 2009

i’m a big groove armada fan, one of the best live acts ive ever seen. Batucada’s song reminds me some of their earlier work, and brought back some happy memories. good times. enjoy

July 2, 2009

Ohhh tough one this time! Both great songs…

But have to go for the BSM smooth grooviness!

July 2, 2009

Have always been a big fan of the party beats, and the vid is pretty funky also, so Astromony Class get my vote, BSM a close ssecond tho!

July 4, 2009

originality of the astronomy class vid takes this one out… australia

miss P
July 11, 2009

My vote goes to Astronomy Class’ original, smooth grooves. Love the Batucada vibes but definitely a win for the Aussies!

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