Isaac Aesili Eye See Album Launch

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 | News
Isaac Aesili Eye See Album Launch

Isaac Aesili is heading to Australia this week to play a few shows in support of his new album ‘Eye See’.

Isaac’s debut solo album Eye See is a rich tapestry of sound with R&B at its heart, and lashings of soul, reggae and funk woven within. Experimental and futuristic in some parts, warm and soulful in others, the album, an extension of its author, is a tribute to diversity.

Adopted as a baby and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand with a cultural and ethnic heritage comprising Guyanese, Pakeha, and Maori. Eye See is an album that celebrates people’s differences and explores the universality of music in an increasingly diverse world. The album features collaborations with a variety of gifted vocalists; Aaradhna, Rosita Vai, Rachel Fraser, Mara TK and Deva Mahal.

Isaac Aesili feat. Aaradhna – With you in my bed

Isaac is a classically trained trumpet player and self-taught producer, vocalist and DJ with a love of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, fusion, world and electronic music. In 2003 Isaac completed a Masters Degree in Political Science From the University of Auckland with a thesis on the topic of Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples and Neo-Colonization. Over the last decade Isaac has been an integral member of: Solaa, Opensouls, Eru Dangerspiel and The Recloose Live Band with whom he has toured Europe, the US, Australia and Japan. Isaac’s debut Eye See is an album of soulful inspired music; in essence it is an investigation of our world from the perspective of the youth looking towards the future.

You can check out Isaac Aesili at:

First Floor – Melbourne Thursday October 29th

Beach Road – Bondi Friday October 30th with the after party at Melt in Kings Cross

and some tunes at:


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