It’s about time for some ‘Melodics’

Friday, March 27th, 2009 | News
It's about time for some 'Melodics'

doyouknowhat? A breath of fresh air can be hard to find in the world of music since the internet has opened up the floor to every man and his dog with a basic computer. This being said, that breath is all the more sweet when you happen to get it, and this time it came to me in the form of Melbourne based hip hop, electronic, jazzy blues crossover group Melodics.

I came to hear the Melodics by chance at an event where Very Good artist Pataphysics and Very Good friends Batucada Sound Machine were playing last month, so with 2 awesome groups already performing, the entrance of a third made for a gig which was basically a mini niche festival to me.

Exactly what style of music you would call this I am unsure of, and I think that’s often a defining character of music that I enjoy. If you can’t tell what genre something is and your still feeling the groove then there’s no question it’s hot, and they are.  Opening the set with an accapella poem that had the audience in silence, frontman Jeremedy answered the question I have been asking to Australia and New Zealand for sometime… where the poets at? well they’re in Melbourne it seems… or otherwise they’re on youtube.

Late notice but they are playing tonight at ‘Bar Open’ in Fitzroy in Melbourne if your free to check out some fresh new sounds

or you can check out more of Melodics at:

and If your a poet – we’re looking for you so get in touch


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