Open the Magic Doors

Monday, December 1st, 2008 | News
Open the Magic Doors

Have you been looking for an interesting musical video? One that challenges your perceptions of art and music? Well have I got great news for you. Portishead, that talented bunch of folks from Bristol, have just released online the new video for the track ‘Magic Doors’, the third single off their latest album which is coincidentally called ‘Third’. the song has quite a bold, catchy, jazzy beat, which is used as a musical canvas for Beth Gibbons’ haunting vocals. The video itself has a fluid but glitchy almost D.I.Y feel to it which suits the song well, open for interpretation and speculation.

If you have already seen and liked the other singles Machine Gun and The Rip, then you should also dig this. But if you haven’t seen them and don’t mind a slightly confrontational sounds, then best you go check them out too. Especially ‘The Rip’ which has a very odd and surreal animated video, not quite like anything I’ve seen before. Very interesting and experimental if nothing else. Glad to see the Portishead team back in the game after their long tea-break/hiatus between 1999-2005ish.

Portishead – Magic Doors

“Through the glory of life
I will scatter on the floor
Disappointed and sore
And in my thoughts I have bled
For the riddles I’ve been fed
Another lie moves over”

(The Rip – Portishead)

there is no other place…Yossarian

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