Pacific Heights – In a Quiet Storm

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 | News
Pacific Heights - In a Quiet Storm

Alright, alright… for those that didn’t know: Pacific Heights is a solo project of Devin Abrams, one of the jazzy dudes from drum n bass pioneers shapeshifter. They are a kiwi group based in Australia, who seem to get all around the place. They formed in the late 1990’s, after meeting at Jazz school in Christchurch. 

For his solo stuff, I guess you’d be expecting more of the same drum n bass type scenario, melodic and jazzy but primed for the dancefloor. Well you’d be slightly wrong on that prediction, as there is hardly a break beat in earshot as Abrams mixes up “laid-back hip-hop, gently pulsing, and at times convulsing electronica, and lashings of smooth Kiwi soul.”

Peace – Feat. Joe Dukie

On the album Devin is helped out by his musical friends/well-known singers Ladi6 and Fat Freddy’s frontman Joe Dukie, and up-and-comers from his hometown of Christchurch, including the seductive mutterings of Mara TK on TK Funk

So check out the video above and look out for more smooth grooves from the man with the plan!

Happy listening!

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