Pete Philly and Perquisite – Just another day in the life

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 | News, VG News
Pete Philly and Perquisite - Just another day in the life

Just another day in the life of two of hip hop’s hardest working talents, or month rather since our last update with these guys who have yet again been trapesing around the world performing, collaborating, and just generally testing the limits of the music industry. The Fourth Single from ‘Mystery Repeats’, “Q&A” has just been released in Europe, a testament to the strength of this record, and a banging party trackto break away from the more smooth chilled out melodic tracks released so far (Time Flies, Mystery Repeats, and Empire). Pete Philly and Perquisite have joined forces with one of Europe’s other experimental hip hop group Looptroop at two shows in Malmo, Sweden and Arhus, Denmark with Looptroop to support them in The Netherlands in Enschede, Groningen and Amsterdam… anyone within earshot you definitely go and check that out for what is sure to be a really interesting, energy packed evening.

Collaborations seem to be keeping Pete Philly and Perquisite busy throughout their travels this month playing two concerts with the legendary Guru’s Jazzmatazz in France last week also. In a twist of fate these collab’s may even be feeding each other with two members of New Zealand group Fat Freddy’s Drop in the crowd at one of these events making the link with Pete and Perq. What an awesome collaboration that could present if the two groups could make the time to put in some work together, both with incredible synergies in that they have vocalists who stand aside from the myriads of acts around these days with powerful and yet soft voices, both with innovative producers in Mu and Perquisite who continually surprise with new crossover styles and sneaky sound switches, and both with talented jazz musicians bringing a certain depth to their live shows.  In a Kiwi theme, Pete and Perq were also fortunate enough to hook up with The Black Seeds while in France after narrowly missing each other at various festivals around Europe, another collaboration that would trip me out if we were ever lucky enough to see it come together.

They’ve been nominated for three state awards, sold out several of their recent shows, been invited to the Carribean islands to perform, and all the while working on a new album as they go.

Pete Philly and Perquisite – Time Flies

Just another day in the life huh!

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