Sweatshop Union – Water Street

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 | News
Sweatshop Union - Water Street

After rocking crowds across North-America on tour for months, award winning Canadian Hip hop collective Sweatshop Union are about to release their fourth album ‘Water Street’. The group’s socially conscious, politically infused lyrics cover topics from the “War on Terror” to the plight of the economically disadvantaged, combined with sweet sounding mellow highly musical beats. Formed in 2000 when four politically-minded Vancouver based rap acts (including Innocent Bystanders) and a solo artist pooled resources, they put out their debut album “Local 604″ in late 2002. Since then they have gone on to sell tens of thousands of albums worldwide, and win many Canadian and International hip hop awards and tour extensively with acts like Swollen Members and Jurassic 5. The band states on their website that they intend to “delivery a deeper more meaningful sound into the conscious of the masses” in a time when “hip hop music remains soulless and simplistic in the eyes of the mainstream”.

Sweatshop Union – Try

The groups official website with its looped sounds, odd sheep logos and animations is worth a look, you can listen to two tracks off the new album, including “Itchy Rock” an instrumental scratch track and the infectious new single “Gold Rush” which rallies against aspects of our consumer culture that encourages obsessions with expensive name brand clothing. So not only can you listen to some really nice melodic tunes and smooth independent beats; you can think about how the world is controlled by economic interests that use commercial hip hop to promote unnecessary consumption. But you don’t have to.

New Sweatshop album dropping soon!

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August 3, 2008

Where can I find the lyrics to the water street album? Theres a few I cant quite catch and I absolutely love this cd… awesome

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