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Mike Who – Fresh Mixtape for yo ears… Niceness Vol 1

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 | News | No Comments
Mike Who - Fresh Mixtape for yo ears... Niceness Vol 1

A lot of DJ’s are boring – FACT!  Mike Who’s different mannn.

Our Favourite Australian DJ “Mike Who” has dropped a new mix-tape to chill back with in the nasty winter…

Usually known for his eclectic and uplifting live hip hop crossover sets across Sydney, he chills back in this one a little to accommodate to any mood or setting at home, at the party, at the beach, or really just anywhere.

Take it in, and if you like what you hear, you can catch this dude all around NSW generally, if the musics good chances are he’ll be setting the vibe from the opening set.

Niceness Vol 1 – from Mike Who

Check it out here


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Omar Musa – World Goes to Pieces

Thursday, July 8th, 2010 | News | No Comments
Omar Musa - World Goes to Pieces

Hey Peoples…

Throwing back to an earlier piece on Australian Slam Poet Champion Omar Musa, the man’s released his first studio album of Australian hip hop with a unique twist.

Always the gentleman, he’s decided to post the album online for free download for all of those looking for some new materials to chill out to this coooooooooooooooold winter! so head on down to to take a listen.

Press release comin at ya:
Omar Musa is a rapper cut from a different cloth. The 26 year old from Queanbeyan, Australia, won the Australian Poetry Slam at the Opera House in 2008 and believes his debut album “World Goes to Pieces” sets a new standard in poetry and genre-bending in Australian hip-hop. Produced entirely in Seattle, USA, with rock veteran Geoff Stanfield (Sun Kil Moon, Black Lab) it is jam packed with chunky beats, thoughtful lyrics and outright weirdness. From the wild, industrial opening track Nomad to the luscious ode to summer and love Pura Vida (The One), the Malaysian-Australian MC brings a poetic flair to “World Goes to Pieces”. He bears down on wide ranging subjects such as Aboriginal poverty on What We See, his hometown on Raise Up, his relationship with his father on Sunshine and one night stands and “black-lit dreams” on the space age Neon Address.

An ambitious representation of a young man caught between activism and partying, love and depression, Musa says “I treated this album as if it was my last, so everything had to count.” Stanfield and Musa called in help from inspirational keys player Dave LeBolt (Paul McCartney, David Bowie), French jazz pianist Pierre Savoye, as well as Bay Area rappers Young Murph and Mighty Joe. The artwork, an original painting by Vancouver’s Ben Tour, is a testament to this perfectionist approach.

“I know Geoff was influenced by Massive Attack, Bjork and Portishead, but you can also hear the West Coast influence on there,” says Musa. “In terms of lyrical approach, I took influences from everyone from Kanye West and Ben Okri to Gil Scott-Heron. We weren’t afraid to push things a bit and I wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest about my life. Considering the cookie cutter music out there at the moment, it seemed the natural thing to do.”



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Space Invadas Launch Soul-Fi Tour

Thursday, April 15th, 2010 | News | No Comments
Space Invadas Launch Soul-Fi Tour

Kicking off next Thursday (22nd April) is the Space Invadas Launch tour, hitting 5 Australian city’s for a series of one off shows. Along for the ride will be special guests Koolism making for a double header of some strong Australian hip hop crossover artists.

We spoke to half of Space Invadas (Katalyst) not so long ago when he was gearing up for these shows with partner Steve Spacek and their live band / vocalists… well it’s finally here so check it out people…

Space Invadas feat. Buff 1 and RuC.L



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Pataphysics Remix – Mos Def: History featuring Talib Kweli (REMIX)

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 | News | No Comments
Pataphysics Remix - Mos Def: History featuring Talib Kweli (REMIX)

Mos Def – History feat Talib Kweli (Pataphysics Remix) by Pataphysics

Check out the first remix Pataphysics has done for a Mos Def, Talib Kweli joint complete with JDilla gymnastic beat flip navigation..

Weaponry: Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Bass, MS2000, MPC, B4 Organ, Guitars (Acoustic & 330 Jap copy)


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Olmecha Supreme VS Pataphysics kicks off

Saturday, November 28th, 2009 | News | No Comments
Olmecha Supreme VS Pataphysics kicks off

It’s finally time to kick off the Olmecha Supreme VS Pataphysics tour this Thursday December 3rd in Canberra!

So excited were the artists that they went out an bought themselves tickets for the show only to learn that as performers they get in for free! So as not to waste these tickets the bands asked Very Good if there were any people in Australia who might want their double passes to enjoy one of the shows they are playing around Australia?

Olmecha Supreme Live at De La Soul Wellington New Zealand


If you would like to enter the draw to take them up on their offer email your name and city to with the subject line ‘community’.


ANU Bar Canberra, Dec 3rd w special guests TBA Tickets are at Ticketek

Beach Rd Bondi, Dec 4th w Laneous and the Family Yah and DJ Mike Who

Gaelic Club Sydney, Dec 5th w Budspells and DJ JC – Tickets will be on sale at Moshtix

The National Hotel Geelong, Dec 11th w special guests TBA Tickets at Oztix

First Floor Melbourne, Dec 12th w Kano and Guests – Tickets at Moshtix

Great Northern Hotel Byron, Dec 17th w special guests TBA tickets will be on sale at Oztix

Cooly Hotel Gold Coast, Dec 18th w special guests TBA tickets on sale Oztix

The Hi-Fi Brisbane, Dec 20th w special guests TBA Tickets on sale The Hifi

Ruby’s Belgrave, Dec 16th w special guests TBA  Tickets on sale at Moshtix.

Olmecha Supreme play The Woodford Folk Festival Dec 30th

See you there!

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