Pendulum Swings for Bushmen

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Pendulum Swings for Bushmen

Wellington artist Warren Maxwell has been involved in some well respected musical projects in recent years. He was the lead singer of Trinity Roots a now defunct dub/roots group that broke up in 2005, some would say at the height of their success. They only released two albums that were highly acclaimed and built them a dedicated (but mellow) fan base. Since then Warren has been playing sax (as Fulla Flash) with his mates in Fat Freddy’s Drop a funky jazz/dub group who received attention originally for their great live performances, with lengthy Jam sessions and solos that can last as long as they have to. They have toured around the world and were noticed by some big names in the music biz, even getting the remix treatment on the odd occasion.

Maxwell’s latest group is the Little Bushmen, is a four-piece group based again in New Zealand’s capital, who are being described by some as psychedelic blues. Now whether this is a new genre or just a convenient pigeon-hole, will be decided by the test of time, as terms like this only seem to become relevant or not in hindsight. With their influences listed with names like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and John Coltrane you can get an indication of the musical well they are tapping to power their engine. Experimental and moving it is music that takes you on a journey with many stops along the road. They have so far released two albums which are are available to be purchased on CD and by downloadable MP3 format, this can be found by going to their myspace site, as the official band website is not completed yet. Debut album ‘Onus of Sand’ was released in 2006 and was followed this year by the second album ‘Pendulum’.  The band describe their sound sum and themselves up with the following quote:

“Love, Hate, Turmoil, Moonbeams, Politics, Family, Pegasus & The Universe. All of the above with the lights off. Unashamed self indulgence resulting in sated emotional exhaustion… beautiful.”

After several successful tours of New Zealand earlier this year the boys have confirmed three tour dates for their upcoming Australian Tour in October, and will possibly add other shows in Byron Bay and other locations to be confirmed. Here are the current gig dates:

Melbourne: The Palace With Blue King Brown & Guests
October 4th

Sydney: Metro With Blue King Brown & Guests
October 25th

Stradbroke Island: Island Vibe
26th October

If you are in these areas and like to hear something you can sink your teeth into, I recommend you get along check them out and support artists seeking to push the envelope!

You can check out more of Little Bushmen at:

Official Myspace Page

Amplifier Interview


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